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Info-graphic weather forecasts for your outdoor life style

One look at the quality bar at the bottom of the screen tells you instantly how your day or week looks.

Pick multiple locations to see the daily and weekly forecasts


My Forecasts pulls its weather data from up to 16 different sources.

All of this data is coordinated behind the scenes, so what you get is the most accurate results available.


Search for the locations you visit the most and MyForecasts keeps track of them for you.

Just tap to re-visit another location and see the next 7 days forecast in detail, or turn the device sideways to get a week at a glance view.

Use the Quality Settings to describe your perfect forecast

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Build as many of these as you want - Astronomy, Sailing, Hiking, Football, etc.

My Forecasts comes with Astronomy and Sailing pre-defined.

Change them, add more, delete them. Your forecast is yours to define!

How to adjust quality setttings for your perfect forecast

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For each item on the Quality Settings Screen, choose which settings make your perfect forecast - Cloud Cover, Precipitation, Temperature, Wind or Humidity.
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Tap on the checkbox under the "Use" column to use that quality.

Then adjust the minimum and maximum values that would mean a good forecast for your activity.

If the minimum or maximum value is "optional" or nice to have, tap the check box for "Min" or "Max"

You can also choose whether or not the sun or moon should be up, or if their position is also "optional" or nice to have.